Novel therapy improves cardiovascular health in central sleep apnea patients

According to Dr. Shahrokh Javaheri “many heat failure patients suffer from central sleep apnea”. Patients who suffered from central sleep apnea were diagnosed with heart failure with a certain weight and of the 59 age group were subjected to a study. They received one night of phrenic nerve stimulation and no intervention the other night. The phrenic nerve intervention dramatically reduced the number of breathing stoppages, improved blood oxygenation while sleeping and maintained a healthier heart rate.

ATS 2011, DENVER–Researchers have demonstrated the effectiveness of a novel treatment that stimulates the nerve that controls the diaphragm to normalize the breathing of patients who suffer from both heart failure and central sleep apnea.

Compared with CPAP and other masks used by some sleep apnea sufferrers the phrenic nerve stimulation would be tolerated by most patients. It is not uncomfortable.

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