Lack of sleep can impact productivity

Sleep disorders have been linked to serious chronic health problems such as heart disease, high blood pressure, reflux, diabetes and so on. People who have insomnia have different brain-wave activity than those who don’t . The brain waves can be retrained to function in a constructive manner , in  a  way that promotes restorative sleep through neurofeedback.  This method  produces deep relaxation and has been used in treating ADHD. The interaction between the heart and the brain has led to this technology. “Heart rate is positively affected by positive emotions generated in the brain”.

The incidence of sleep disorders – insomnia, obstructive sleep apnea and others – is rapidly increasing and they pose a real and serious threat to business results. One-third of US adults suffer from symptoms of insomnia according to the American

EmWave2, a handheld digital biofeedback tool, helps users reduce stress by focusing on positive emotions thus regulating their breathing and balancing heart-rate “variability”. By reducing physiological stimulation people have less stress and are able to sleep well.

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