Lack of sleep takes mental toll

Both insomnia and hypersomnia bring about general anxiety disorders and psychological discomfort which are closely related according to Professor Linda Lam Chiu-wa from the Psychiatry Department at the Chinese University. ¬†Sleep problems seem to be linjked to “suboptimal mental health” according to the preliminary findings of the Hong Kong Mental Morbidity Survey 2010. ¬†About 5700 adults were randomly selected of whom 15.9 percent admitted to having significant sleeping problems, at least recently.

“They are both closely related,” Chinese University psychiatry professor Linda Lam Chiu-wa said. Chan Wai-chi, senior medical officer of the department of psychiatry at Sha Tin Hospital, expressed concern at the habit of tossing and turning during

Those with significant sleeping problems have feeble physical health, are prone for depression and anxiety and have ” poorer social and job functioning and a higher rate of neurotic symptoms “.

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