Chips, Fries, Soda Most to Blame for Long-Term Weight Gain

It’s official : increased consumption of potato chips, fries, sugary beverages, processed or unprocessed red meat are major cause of weight gain in people in the US.  Moreover unsignificant changes in lifestyle also contributed to gradual weight gain.

Inadequate changes in lifestyle factors such as television watching, exercise and sleep were also linked to gradual but relentless weight gain across the board. Data from three separate studies following more than 120000 healthy, non-obese American

Sleeping less than 7 hours and more than 9 hours helped ingaining weight.  Those who watch TV would gain 0.31 pounds for every hour of TV watched per day !  This study comprised of 50,422 women and 22,557 men from 1986-2006.  Changes in lifestyle behaviors and doing more physical activity helped participants in gainin 1.76 fewer pounds ! Focusing on changing behavior over the long term would benefit individuals more than focusing on quick fixes in losing weight .

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