Sleep Apnea one of 4 Big Kid Sleep Problems

Sleep Apnea and snoring are the first on the list of kids’ sleep problems. Dr Jose Colon of the Childrens Hospital of Southwest Florida is a pediatric neurologist who specializes in sleep disorders in children. He estimates that three percent of children can have obstructive sleep apnea and nine to ten percent snore. Sleep disorders can give symptoms of ADHD because kids don’t get enough sleep, are often tired and have trouble at school.

Number one on our list of sleep stealers: sleep apnea and snoring. It causes sufferers to briefly stop breathing throughout the night. “Obstructive sleep apnea is common in the pediatric population. Three percent of children can have obstructive sleep

Anxiety, allergies, asthma and reflux are the other sleep stealers. Anxiety is dominant with the kids population – they feel under pressure to succeed. Helping them work through their fears might help them with their sleep problems. Allergies, asthma and reflux could be treated but make sure to do so before bedtime.

Periodic limb movement is another cause of sleep disruption.

All of the sleep disorders are best to be diagnosed by a sleep specialist.

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