Sleep Apnea Untreated Leads to Dementia

Untreated Sleep Apnea  alongside with lifestyle and other factors could be  contributing to dementia and heart disease according to an article published in Nature Reviews Neurology.

Dr Fotuhi, assistant professor of Neurology  at the John Hopkins University School ofMedicine , with his colleaguesreviewed factors that altered  the size of the hippocampus

located on both sides of the brain  . It is responsible for the formation of new memories.  A large hippocampus denotes good memory but smaller hippocampus leads to dementia. The hippocampus can increase in size in adults. Studies show lifestyle changes like moderate exercise, mental stimulation, meditation, and treatment for cardiovascular disease, clinical depression and obstructive sleep apnea all increase the size of the hippocampus.

However Alzheimer’s cannot be addressed by lifestyle changes yet according to Dr Caleb Finch , professor of Gerontology at USC,  since by the time Alzheimer’s is detected the hippocampus and the cortex have had a massive loss of neurons.  Read more…


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