Sleep Apnea possible symptom of Comorbid Psychiatric Disorder

Further studies need to be conducted to establish the correlation between sleep disturbances , anxiety disorders and depression.  The  aim  is to provide a biological biomarker by following a study of REM  sleep latency in patients with anxiety disorders.

Treating sleep disorders and Sleep apnea especially could improve symptoms of  comorbid psychiatric disorders .  Drs Vyas, Malik and Borenstein presented their findings at the Annual Meeting of American Psychiatric Association  (2012).

Dr. Vyas said he feels the relationship between sleep and psychiatric disorders is probably bidirectional, such that sleep disorders can exacerbate psychiatric issues and vice versa. For example, he said, the literature shows that around 40% of patients with psychiatric disorders have comorbid insomnia, hypersomnia, as well as documented changes in sleep architecture.

This study was conducted on 117 patients and the data was collected at the Milwaukee Veterans Affairs Medical Center including records from 0ctober  to december 2007.  The most common sleep disorder was sleep apnea and  comorbid  psychiatric symptoms were present in the 54 of the patients undergoing the study.

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