Sleep Apnea and NFL Vikings on 24 June in Minneapolis

Tackling Sleep Apnea”  is a free public event which will enable the public a free in-home sleep testing and sleep apnea treatments.

The Minneapolis venue is the kickstart of a national campaign events.

Former Minneapolis Vikings players Chuck Foreman, Carl Eller, Stu Voigt, Bob Lurtsema, Greg Coleman, along with other NFL greats, Mike Haynes, Derrick Kennard, and Lee Nystrom will be present at the event.  Stu Voigt had been diagnosed with sleep apnea years ago but couldn’t tolerate the CPAP machine :

Quote startStu Voigt was a dead man walking before he was successfully treated for sleep apnea. This NFL awareness campaign is really helping people.Quote end

To read the full article with details go :

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