8 Hours of Sleep is Best for Health

Seven young, healthy and lean adults participated in a study at the University of Chicago Medicine ( see article http://annals.org/issue.aspx) for the duration of 8 days.  They slept for 8.5 hours the first four nights and 4 hours for the next four nights.  The participants were given an intravenous glucose tolerance test.  It was discovered that the body’s total insulin response decreased by 16% and the insulin sensitivity of  fat cells decreased by 30 %, after sleeping for less hours or 4 hours per night .

“Body fat, also known as adipose tissue, stores and releases energy. In storage mode, fat cells remove fatty acids and lipids from the circulation where they can damage other tissues. When fat cells cannot respond effectively to insulin, these lipids leach out into the circulation leading to serious complications,” study author Matthew Brady, Ph.D., was quoted as saying.

Read more : http://www.ivanhoe.com/channels/p_channelstory.cfm?storyid=30137




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